California Innocence Project

Jason Kindle


County of Conviction: Los Angeles
Convicted of: Armed Robbery (3rd Strike)
Sentence: 70 Years to Life 
Years Served: 4 Years
Released: February 3, 2003
Cost of Wrongful Incarceration: $180,000

Jason Kindle was convicted for the 1999 armed robbery of a Los Angeles Office Depot.  Kindle, who at the time was a janitor at the Office Depot, was accused of the robbery and convicted, mainly because of a laundry list of store cleaning instructions found in his home.  Police and the district attorney believed it was a robbery to-do list, when in fact it contained notes Kindle took during a training course with Cover-All Cleaning, his employer. 

Kindle's conviction was also based on inaccurate voice recognition testimony.  As the California Innocence Project, working with a local Los Angeles attorney, reexamined the evidence presented at trial, they discovered a videotape of the robbery that definitively proved that the actual perpetrator was 6 feet 6 inches-Kindle is a head shorter at 6 feet.  The charges were ultimately dismissed because of this new evidence, and Kindle was released.






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