Today, CIP client Roeling Adams walked out of San Quentin State Prison after 28 years in prison.  Adams was wrongfully convicted of a shooting in 1986, despite providing an alibi at trial.  The main witness against Roeling at his trial subsequently recanted his testimony and identified the true perpetrators of the crime.  The only other evidence came in the form of a faulty eyewitness identification.

CIP began investigating Adams’ innocence claim several years ago.  As with many of CIP’s clients, Adams continued to go before the parole board in an effort to be released while the investigation continued.  CIP provided copies of declarations we acquired to Adams’ parole attorney, Jeffrey Taft, who presented them to the parole board.  The board decided Adams was fit for release and granted his parole.  After several months, Governor Brown chose not to overturn the grant of parole.  See below for the official press release, as well as photos from today’s release in San Quentin, CA.  Adams Crosses SQ Line Assoc Director Simpson and Adams CIP Atty Raquel Cohen and Adams CIP Student Robert Case and Adams CIP Students and Adams DSC00707 Robert Case, Raquel Cohen, Roeling Adams and Alexa Leibl Roeling Adams Press Release.10.10.2014