Jeremy Stock, 2017-19 Staff Fellow, shares lessons he learned during his time with the California Innocence Project (CIP).

To say that it’s been a dream come true working for the California Innocence Project would be an understatement.  I was first brought on as a volunteer intern in late 2016 — my first time meeting most of the staff was at the OB Christmas Parade on December 3, 2016, which happened to be the very night my future boss, Justin Brooks, proposed to the love of his life in the middle of the parade.  That magical night was followed by many wonderful days diving into cases, learning CIP procedures, submersing myself into casework, and growing closer to the people that make up this great organization.  As one term lead into another and then another, I graduated to Supervising Intern, assisting Raquel and then Mike with intern trainings, and taking on more responsibility in casework, and more frequent speaking opportunities.  When I was brought on as CIP’s first Staff Fellow in April of 2018, I began what has been a quest to each day make the intern and intake program better and better.  My driving goal is that each and every intern to come through our program leaves not only more educated and empathetic, but more confident in their professional abilities, and more ready to see their own promise to therein have Hope for the future.  Empowering others as we more quickly get to strong cases of innocence, leading to more exonerations — I hope this is my legacy.  #ThisIsWhoWeAre #ThisIsWhatWeDo