Meghan Johnson, CIP Supervising Intern, shares lessons she’s learned during her time with the California Innocence Project (CIP).

A large part of my academic career has been realizing my passion, which is to help create better circumstances for the most vulnerable people in our society. I learned about the California Innocence Project through one of my professors who was aware of my passion for social justice, and I truly could not be more grateful for the opportunity I have been given. The California Innocence Project has changed my life while concurrently changing the lives of so many others. I have learned so much about the fundamental flaws in our criminal justice system and how to create real change through leadership, teamwork, patience, and educating others. The way we view and interpret the world is largely due to our own personal experiences, and this opportunity I have been given has truly changed the trajectory of my life; I simply cannot imagine a better use of my time over the last months.