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The purpose of XONR8 is to create interest and awareness about wrongful convictions in the legal community.  Wrongful convictions happen in every community across the world.  The California Innocence Project is based at California Western School of Law, thus it has the ability to gather students, professors, and lawyers to teach and learn about the causes of wrongful convictions.  XONR8 does this through the use of speakers, class sessions taught by practicing attorneys, and field trips to various places involved in the criminal justice process.


Typically, XONR8 puts on a minimum of two seminars per semester.  The seminars are taught by California Innocence Project staff, exonerees who have spent a considerable amount of time in prison for crimes they did not commit, and experts in various scientific fields (bitemark evidence, fingerprint, firearms, eyewitness identification, etc.).  Seminars vary year to year depending on the availability of speakers.


XONR8 officers organize and arrange several events throughout the year.  An example of a typical event might be a debate on the death penalty where attendees hear from individuals involved in the death penalty process.  Additional events include the OB Holiday Parade, the annual CIP Dodgeball Tournament, and a concert event in Whittier, California.