The CIP Podcast


Season 2 – Walking with Innocence

Season 1

Episode 3: Guy Miles - Sent to Prison for 18 Years on Bad Identifications

Episode 4: Charles Miles - Family Suffering Wrongful Conviction By Loved Ones

Episode 5: CIP Interns - How I Spent My Summer Freeing the Innocent

Episode 6: Evidence Preservation - Without Evidence, No One Gets Freed

Episode 7: Glenn Boyd - Another Bad ID Leads to Wrongful Conviction

Episode 8: Seeking Clemency - Why We Walked 712 Miles

Episode 9: Brian Banks - Tragic Story of a Lie, Plea, and Wrongful Conviction

Episode 10: Compensation Laws - the Fight to Pay the Wrongly Convicted

Episode 11: Horace Roberts - How an Affair Turned into a Wrongful Conviction

Episode 12: Joann Parks - How False Arson Evidence Put a Mother In Prison

Episode 13: Rodney Gupton - a Bad ID and a Lie End in Wrongful Conviction