Glenn Boyd

County of Conviction: San Bernardino

Convicted of: Murder

Sentence: 25 Years to Life

Years Served: 18 Years

Glenn Boyd was wrongly convicted of shooting Kenneth Burley in 1987. Burley, a deliveryman for Domino’s Pizza, made a delivery to an apartment in San Bernardino, California. Witnesses stated that Burley got out of his truck, left his headlights on, and walked up to the apartment complex to deliver a pizza. Two men, later identified as Boyd and his co-defendant, Anthony Thomas, approached Burley. Burley stood with his back to witness Kurtis Hobel, who was sitting in the front lawn with friends in front of another apartment. Kurtis heard the words, “Give me,” and “Money.” Kurtis then heard, “I don’t have any.” Burley put his hands in his front pockets, pulled them out, and raised his palms up. Kurtis did not see Burley give the two men anything, but he heard someone say “Is that all?” One man struck Burley in the face, and the other man kicked Burley between the legs. As Burley bent forward and grabbed his groin, one of the men raised his right hand. Kurtis saw a flash and heard a gunshot, but he did not see a gun. Burley fell to the ground. The two men fled from the scene.

During the crime scene investigation, a detective discovered a clear glass bottle partly full of malt liquor lying a few feet from Burley’s body. The label was torn off the bottle. Thomas was known for peeling the labels off of the bottles he drank. A fingerprint found on the beer bottle was tested three times. The first two tests yielded negative results for Boyd. The third test produced a 6-point partial match for Boyd’s right, middle finger. Another fingerprint lift taken from the beer label matched the right thumb of a man named Mark Miles. Although Miles was arrested in connection to the shooting, Miles was never charged. Miles is now deceased.

Kurtis said he would be unable to identify the assailants because he did not see their faces. Kurtis also said “All blacks look alike in the dark.” It is undisputed Kurtis was 150 feet away from the shooting. Kurtis and Kelly Evans, another witness, had numerous meetings with the police and identified other men in photographs and live line-ups, but both finally identified Boyd at trial. The other witness identifications were just as shaky. Some described the shooter to be a few inches taller than the other man. Boyd and his co-defendant are the same height.

Additionally, both of Boyd’s hands were splinted as a result of injuries he received earlier that year. As a result of the injuries, he could not have punched the victim or used a handgun. Even at the time of the trial, Boyd was unable to make a fist.

CIP has been investigating Boyd’s case since 2009. We have obtained numerous declarations from witnesses claiming to have testified falsely during Boyd’s trial. While working to locate the physical evidence from 1987, Boyd was fortunately granted release on parole on April 2, 2015. CIP believes in Boyd’s innocence and continues to work on his case while he enjoys life beyond bars.