Legal Resources

The California Innocence Project is often asked to assist in matters that are outside of our scope of service due to the Project’s limited resources.  Listed are some resources that may assist an inmate or someone advocating on behalf of an inmate in various legal matters.




Local San Diego Legal Resources

To see a complete list of exonerations in the United States, visit the National Registry Database:

Assistance with an innocence claim where the conviction occurred in a northern California county:  contact the Northern California Innocence Project online at or call them at (408) 554-1945

Assistance with locating an inmate within the California prison system:  use the online Inmate Locator Service at or call them at (916) 445-6713

Assistance with addressing unfavorable conditions or matters within a prison: contact the Prison Law Office online at or write them at Prison Law Office, General Delivery, San Quentin, CA 94964 or visit the Prison Policy Initiative online for various prisoner rights issues at

Assistance with finding a pro bono (free of charge) attorney in California: visit the California State Bar online at or call them at (415) 538-2000

Assistance with locating the current contact information of your attorney: visit the California State Bar online at and utilize the Attorney Search bar on the top left of the home page

Shaken Baby Sydrome (SBS) information: visit the SBS blog online at

For assistance after exoneration, visit: